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Xamarin is a San Francisco, California based software company which is microsoft-owned founded in May 2011 by the software engineers.
The engineers created Mono,Mono for Android and MonoTouch, which are cross-platform implementations of the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and Common Language Specifications (often called Microsoft .NET). On May 2011, the founder of the company announced to release new mobile products supported by Xamarin.

Xamarin App: What it is all about

Xamarin was released to write native Android,iOS, and windows apps with similar user interfaces.
It was developed to share code on not only one platform but on different platforms including Windows and MacOS. As i already mentioned above that it was release on May 2011; till now over 1.4 million developers are using Xamarin products in 120 countries all around the world.

Benefits of the service:

When it comes to the popularity in mobile app development, Xamarin is still obscure although it has many amazing features which other mobile apps do not have.

The features stated below make Xamarin one of the best mobile app in the industry:

  • Xamarin provides the ability to access to all the major platforms. Users can explore anything about the application as well as they can perform any task they want .
  • Xamarin enables the users to enjoy the features like sensors, touch inputs and many more.
  • The Xamarin code are no less than the codes generated in objective – C, Java, and swift. It provides an alternative solution for tracking the application as well as testing it.
  • Programming done using the Xamarin application helps to make their application responsive.

Needs of the services :

  1. Xamarin mobile applications can be attached to physical devices through devices like USB for testing and debugging.
  2. For users to access different platforms, Xamarin application is required.
  3. Xamarin is useful in the way it provides the user with the ability to explore the entire application. The user can identify the pros and cons of the application along with all the other details of the application.
  4. Xamarin is a modern application so it has all the new features which the users must know.

Why to hire ETokina to get this service:

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