Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails – Open source web development framework

Ruby on Rails is an open source web framework for developing custom website and web applications. It is optimized for programmer’s performance and sustainable productivity; and lets you create beautiful code by placing convention over configuration.

ETokina is an established ruby on rails development portal specializing in agile development using Ruby, Rails and HTML5. We excel in building rich web applications in ruby on rails.

Our Ruby on Rails Development Services:

  • Custom Web and Web Applications: We employ expert Ruby on Rails developers to begin, continue or take your application to next level. Whether you require a simple or highly-functional website, or a complex customized web application for your business, we will develop it for you.
  • Code Audits: We confer expert opinion on your Ruby on Rails application’s code, from maintainability and scalability point of view, to help you take key business decisions.
  • MVPs: RoR is a magnificently designed framework to get up and running with MVP. Our expert team of professionals can help you launch in the market in least of the timeframes.

Our Approach to RoR Development:

  • Build and deliver scalable and flexible solutions using RoR
  • Industry standard gem configuration
  • Provide extended offshore team
  • Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) Approach to RoR Development
  • Quick turn-around times

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