MSSQL Server: Support for concurrent users

MS Sql Server – hybrid data platform

MS SQL Server, a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft, is a hybrid data platform that delivers breakthrough performance and faster insights for mission critical applications by using exceptional in-memory technologies. It offers a flexible platform to build, deploy and manage solutions that covers on-premises and cloud.

Why to use MS SQL Server for your project deployment?

  • Reliability: MS SQL Server employs a Client-Server approach. Hence, the clients need not interact directly with the tables but via an intelligent data manager on the server. It is this manager that reads and writes data from and to the tables. Thus, if a client machine crashes, or the network breaks down, it will not affect the underlying tables; instead the data manager automatically realizes that the transaction has not been processed completely and does not commit the partially transmitted data to the database.
    Hence, database continues to operate without any problem. The client-server system also maintains an auto transaction log, which enables restoration of all the completed transactions up to the time of crash.
  • Data Integrity: The use of triggers enforces a high level of data integrity in MS SQL server. The records can be added, updated or deleted at the table level and thus, cannot be ignored or bypassed by the client machine.
  • Performance: MS SQL Server is a highly optimized database platform and can usually perform filtering at a very fast rate. Secondly, the amount of data sent across the network link is quite less; hence, improving the performance in dramatic ways.
  • Network Traffic: Network traffic is significantly reduced in a client-server system. This improves the network reliability by reducing collisions as well as performance of the network for other software.
  • Scalability: With the MS SQL Server client-server architecture, many hundreds or even thousands of concurrent users can be supported without any significant degradation in the performance.

What ETokina offers to you?

ETokina realizes the power of MS SQL Server and uses it to the best of its knowledge with framework. We plan, analyze and comprehensively evaluate your requirements to conclude what’s best for you and associate you with the best of the development platform for your business.

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