Kotlin: Android’s new programming Language

Android: The Power of Application

Android is a mobile operating system (World’s most popular operating system) which is configured & designed by Google, for touch screen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Android provides many features to the users such as swiping, tapping and pinching, to manipulate on-screen objects. It also has a virtual keyboard for text input. Android now, is not only used for touchscreen mobile phones but also for lot many other things like Android TV for televisions, Android Auto for cars, and Android Wear for wristwatches. Variants of Android platform are also used on game consoles, digital cameras, PCs and other electronics devices.

Kotlin feature of the Android app: what it is all about

Kotlin is now an official language on Android. It has the ability to exchange and make use of information means it is interoperable with the android languages and runtime. Kotlin is short, expressive, contains safety features. It keeps the android app healthy and performative.

Benefits of the service:

Java was the default code development language used for Android until Kotlin came into play. At its I/O conference 2017, Google left decision makers and entrepreneurs in shock by announcing Kotlin as a new coding alternative for Android.

  • Kotlin ensures commitment to an open developer ecosystem as it evolve and grow the Android platform.
  • Kotlin contains safety features in it.
  • It ensures healthy and performative atmosphere on the Android platform.

Needs of the services :

  1. Java is old, actually very old – it was much needed to get replaced by another language.
  2. Java is error prone that means it handles null.
  3. Kotlin is totally interoperable with Java that means it can exchange information easily.
  4. Java demands more coding to express so is not with Kotlin- use less code and stay happy.
  5. Kotlin is not a new language but the thing is that it was not put to production until 2015. It was only after that it came to production. It was introduced keeping the enterprise feature in mind.
  6. It makes use of the Android app easy.
  7. It provides great tooling support.
  8. Another feature that the Kotlin brings to Android platform is the “Convert Java File to Kotlin” feature.
  9. Kotlin code is more readable.

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