CakePHP : A web PHP Framework

Cake PHP – Web Framework

CakePHP is yet another open source web application development framework, but with an advantage of MVC design written in PHP. It offers a range of benefits for website and web app development, including the compatibility that it offers with the latest version of PHP. It can be used for a variety of application development for e-Commerce, social networks, enterprise applications and so on. Its in-built validation and zero requirements for configuration make it an ideal solution for rapid development of complex applications.

Our CakePHP development service delivers a highly competitive advantage to our clients because of our expertise in the field and its various components; we are adept with the tools and techniques needed for manoeuvring CakePHP. We render technically superior qualities into our CakePHP projects for you to draw the best out of them.

Our Cake PHP Development Services:

Web Development

  • Whether you want a simple website with as fewer features as possible or you wish to get a highly-functional and superior performing custom website, ETokina is here to deliver it to you. We even develop specifically approached e-commerce websites and CMS websites to suit your requirements.
  • We plan and analyze your business needs in order to offer the best solution and promote your growth.

    Web App Development

  • ETokina makes use of the latest techniques to develop better object modules for your web applications and make them work with assorted designs to enable them perform compliantly with different utility models. We utilize the best of the CakePHP features including built-in caching, validations, database access, and resource authentication to deliver demand-driven custom solutions that work with real-life requirements.
  • Why ETokina?

  • CakePHP development at ETokina has not just delivered significant solutions for conventional business requirements; it has also helped many new ideas to grow significantly in the web domain.
  • Our in-depth understanding of PHP and experience with a series of supporting features, security concerns, sessions and request handling components enables us to provide you the most authentic plan founded on the rare functional capacity and modern industrial practices.

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