MySQL: World’s Most Popular Open Source DB

MySQL – Open-source RDBMS

MySQL is the world’s second most widely used relational database management system and most widely used open-source RDBMS. It is an easy to use, yet extremely powerful, secured, and scalable solution for database implementation. Moreover, its small size and speed makes it an ideal database solution for many of the applications and websites.

Why to use MySQL?

  • Easy to use: MySQL is incredibly easy to use. It just requires a few simple SQL statements to build and interact with MySQL.
  • Secured: MySQL implements solid data security layers to protect sensitive data from intruders and hackers. Specific rights can be defined to allow some or all privileges to different level of individuals. Even the passwords are encrypted which makes the security even more rigid.
  • Inexpensive: MySQL is available for free download from MySQL Web site. It is can be used with your projects at absolutely no cost.
  • Performance & Speed: MySQL implements low latency with in-memory tables and indexes, binding of  threads to CPUs and asynchronous check-pointing to disk that enables it to deliver real time responsiveness. Furthermore, the distributed cross-shard joins enables parallel processing across local copies of data.
  • Scalable: MySQL holds an exceptional ability to handle almost any amount of data, typically as much as 50 million rows or even more. Although the default file size limit is around 4 GB, you can increase it to a theoretical limit of 8 TB. Auto-sharding and multi-master replication make it even more scalable.
  • Intelligent memory management: MySQL server has been thoroughly tested to prevent any memory leak issues.
  • Platform Independent: It can be used with any of the platforms whether it is OpenCart, Magento and Joomla or Java and It can run on many operating systems including Windows, Linux and many varieties of UNIX such as Sun, Solaris, AIX, OS/2, FreeBSD, and others. To add more, it supports several of the development interfaces including JDBC, ODBC, scripting (PHP and Perl) and many others.

What ETokina offers?

We, at ETokina, understand the usability and benefits of using MySQL with your projects; hence, by implementing it with most of our applications and websites, we make sure that you get what you want: Ease of use, Security, Performance and Scalability.

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