Human Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Let’s Change the World

Artificial intelligence as the name suggests is the intelligence shown by machines in comparison to the natural intelligence which is shown by humans and other animals of the planet. Artificial intelligence is something which is not natural in nature and is the machine generated intelligence. It was founded in the year 1956 and from that time it has suffered huge losses but still has managed to remain in the scene and is going strong.

The function was founded on the purpose that human intelligence “can be so briefly mentioned that a machine can be made to raise it’s level.” There are some problems associated with artificial intelligence which includes reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, ability to move and manipulate objects and many other things.Some people also acknowledge artificial intelligence as a threat to humanity if it progresses unbearably.

What is AI All About & Benefits

As we already mentioned above that artificial intelligence is intelligence generated by machines such as a computer; it has various advantages to offer which are listed as follows :

  1. Artificial intelligence makes the human life easier by reducing the workload of the humans as they do not have to work manually.
  2. It helps the humans to reach the accuracy level and avoid the mistakes which could take place in its absence.
  3. It can be put to exploration process.
  4. Machines like computers have become a part of every household now. It is now impossible for humans to work without machines.
  5. Machines have the ability to think faster than humans thus they can be put to do a wide variety of jobs.

Why Artificial Intelligence is A Need of Present Day

Artificial intelligence reduces the time taken to complete a work. Where a human take hours to complete a work, it can do it in minutes or we can say in seconds. Need of manual work is decreasing day by day. Machine generated work is in demand so it is important to avail artificial intelligence. Nowadays, most of the competitive exams take place online. Users have to be online to give entrance examination tests. Therefore, artificial intelligence is required by the people.

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