Microsoft Azure: Develop & Deploy

Microsoft Azure: A Remarkable Platform

Microsoft azure is developed by microsoft. It was officially released on February 1,2010. It was launched seven years ago. It works on operating system like Linux, Microsoft windows. For complete details, people can visit the site It is a closed source for platform and open source for client SDK’s. It is the application created by microsoft for providing the services such as building, testing, deploying and managing application and services throughout the globe.

Microsoft Azure: A Story Behind

As we already mentioned above that microsoft azure is a cloud computing system developed by microsoft, it provides a plenty of features to its users such as computer services, mobile services, storage services, data management, messaging, media services, CDN, developer, management and machine learning. Microsoft azure is used by 36 regions around the world and is developing to the fast pace. It is been accepted globally to the quick level.

Key Facts About Microsoft Azure

Microsoft azure is speedy and is conquering the market. There is no doubt in the speed. It provide technologies which suits the business objectives and fulfil the business needs. You can avoid a mismatch of skills. A professional and qualified team can quickly learn how to deal with Microsoft Azure. The teams can also easily deploy. Microsoft azure has entire end to end solution for everything.

  • It is a entire package of everything.
  • Microsoft azure has disaster recovering abilities.
  • Unlike other applications, microsoft azure is also secure and safe.
  • Microsoft azure focuses mainly on business outcomes.

Why to Choose MS Azure

Azure is based on Windows, so you can write applications in the same programming languages you’ve used for Windows apps so microsoft azure ensures familiarity of windows.

  1. Microsoft azure is scalable and flexible unlike other applications.
  2. It is very cost effective in the sense it manages costs very easily and reduces expenditure.
  3. It is quite interoperable.
  4. It has safety and security features for the users.
  5. It has something for everyone to offer.
  6. There will always be someone to turn to when you have questions or problems.
  7. No more worries about backing up data yourself, it will already get stored by default.

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