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Partner with us & generate a new revenue stream!

We offer a wide portfolio of services including Website/Web App Design and Development, Mobile App Development, Internet Marketing services, Security and Vulnerability testing, Bug Fixing and Maintenance, and other supportive services, literally enabling you to create a design and development business with absolutely no technology cost.

ETokina is here to become your invisible technology partner while your brand name is the only name your clients will see on your products enabling you to set your own costs and determine your margins. Our products and services reseller program allows you to expand your business and grow your client base without requiring to deal with the most important aspects or practical details of the deployment process.

How Does It Work?

  • You can pick any of the services from our portfolio and offer to your clients as if these are your own.
  • We will invisibly provide all of our products and services to enable you to resell them and increase your sales and revenue.

Who all can join our reseller program?

  • Our reseller program is ideal for almost anybody who likes to add more to their existing portfolio of services. Here is a list of resellers who fit in our program.
  • Have a fully established company but don’t have enough expertise or resources for handling new projects.
  • Have a company providing marketing services but do not have expertise or time for design and development projects, or vice versa.
  • Freelancer who has expertise for programming but is not efficient in designing, or vice versa.

Roles & Responsibilities of our resellers

  • Find and sell to Clients – We have not set any required minimums, but the more customers you will be able to reach, the more revenue you will generate.
  • Client Communication – You will handle all the client communication, including collection of clients’ requirements, sending periodic reports during the project lifecycle, and handling any customer queries before or during the project development. Although, we can interact with your clients on your behalf, if necessary.
  • Manage payment collection– Our billing relationship will entirely be with you, so you’ll have to handle all the aspects of payment and collection with your clients.

We have highly strong and professional relationships with our existing partners and find pride in welcoming resellers from around the world to connect with us.

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